With the outstanding success of our initial drive, we were given yet another shock when another batch of emails came in asking if we were able to pick up more items.  Many people had only just learned about the drive either by word of mouth or a forwarded email.  We were excited to be able to gather even more items for Hope Street and proceeded to schedule more pickup times. 

Again by bike or walking, bags and boxes were collected and dropped off.  I had one grand idea to walk to a participating house and bring the donations back.  Three bags, a box, and a mile later, my arms are still sore.  Overall, it was another grand achievement.  I was again moved by the profundity of what had been achieved; many shoppers, on their way through the local Target or a nearby pharmacy, had a passing thought to pick up an extra tube of toothpaste or pack of deodorant, and as a result, thirty homeless teens would get the products they needed to help them live on their own. 

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