Our Service Plan

For our service project, we coupled physical donations with time serving.  Our plan was to volunteer at a variety of organizations, experiencing many different ways to reach out to those in need.  We volunteered at Loaves and Fishes, People Serving People, and collected items for and served at Hope Street Shelter.  

Loaves and Fishes is a simple yet effective way to get involved in the battle against poverty.  Meals are prepared and served openly to anyone who shows up.  They are served, sit down to eat and talk, and then the hosts clean up.  Each night of service brings something different, and it is an easy way to get started serving others.  

People Serving People is an organization that reaches out to many in need.  The opportunities to help out are endless so there is something for everyone.  Whether it is helping out at the children's center or just contributing at the shelter, each job has a large impact on the homeless.  

Hope Street Shelter focuses on runaway and homeless teens.  It provides counseling for the residents, food, shelter, and many other basic services.  Though direct contact with the homeless is less common, other service opportunities are available as well as the opportunity of hosting a drive.  

Through these three organizations, we hoped that we made a difference in the problem of homelessness.  If three kids can contribute to reducing poverty and homelessness, consider what would happen if everyone joined in.