Our Project

As a group, we aimed to help alleviate some of the suffering due to homelessness.  We also wanted to impact the root causes of homelessness.  We chose to serve meals and hold drives to benefit certain organizations that help get the homeless back on their feet.   For more information on our actions to combat  these problems, visit the Plan page.  If you would like to contribute items or money, visit the Give Page.  For more information, watch our Movie or read our Blog.

Fighting Homelessness

Many nonprofit and community organizations aim at reducing and eventually ending homelessness.  Generally, the cause of homelessness is poverty.  Many impoverished children become homeless adults.  These organizations aim at reducing poverty and aiding youth to help the problem of homelessness.  They also provide services that the homeless are not able to provide for themselves; they serve meals, give support, care for children, and provide a place to stay.