At People Serving People, we found ourselves in an entirely new environment but with the same goal.  PSP is an organization in Minneapolis where the homeless are given food, shelter, and many other services.  There are early childhood care centers, tutoring help for children, and help for those seeking jobs.  For our volunteer shift, we helped clean rooms.  

In between guests, the rooms have to be cleaned.  While they are staying at PSP, the guests are expected to clean their own rooms.  If this does not happen, they are put on probation or sent out for a period of time.  We cleaned one room where this was the case.  

For each room, we had to scrub toilets, wipe windows, sweep, mop, scrub, and wipe.  Liza again proved her finesse with a mop, Morgan mastered the art of sink cleaning, and I got down and dirty in the shower.  Our first room was a success, but the second one was a bit less pleasing; we had to go back and fix it up a bit.  By the end we were efficient and thirsty.  Our volunteer coordinator graced us with some water and sent us on our way.  

It was incredible how effective she was.  She had the system down and could clean a room twice as fast as any of us.  PSP proved to be a great organization that does its job fully and competently.  

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