On our second night serving at Loaves and Fishes, we served up a whopping pile of pasta with marinara and cheese.  We had come early to put together napkins and cutlery (Sarah totally won the race) and set up the meals.  There was also a group of elementary hockey players who came to help out.  

During the meal, we joked and laughed with some of the guests, getting to know a few and appreciating their predicaments.  Afterwards, we picked up the room and got to mop.  Liza was a beast at mopping.  

for the first time, we started thinking about what the homeless did after coming to Loaves and Fishes  Did they have anywhere to stay?  Was there a shelter where they could go, any type of roof over their heads?  It made us realize just how much of a difference a place like Hope Street Shelter can do.  

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