Our drive on Saturday was a success!  We each took a different set of houses and went to collect the donations.  We were able to find all of them (whew!) but getting the back to 'headquarters' was a problem.  Many boxes were large (especially the toothpaste ones) so we had a trip getting everything rounded up.  In the end, we had everything gathered at Liza's house and sat down to inspect our haul.  

Who would have thought that many people would have given so many items.  We got, no joke, over 500 tubes of toothpaste.  Probably more.  We also received tons of shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and tooth brushes.  We even got a huge (HUGE!)  container of hair gel.  I don't think Liza, Morgan, and I combined could even use that much hair gel in a lifetime.  Liza had tons of fun organizing and taking 'artsy pics' of everything sprawled out on her living room floor.  We sorted them into piles according to type (hair,  facial, mouth, etc.) and put them into containers for Hope Street.  I hope these items go to people who need them, and that they help in giving others an opportunity to rise to their full potential.  W

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