After sitting in storage for about a week, it was time for the Hope Street donations to get where they needed to be.  Thus, the car was jammed full of shampoo, shaving cream, hair gel, and clothing and set out for its destination at Hope Street.  We arrived at Hope Street's headquarters in a Catholic Charities building andmet with Emily, a Hope Street Counselor.  We were given a tour and helped put away the donations, and then sat down to learn more about Hope Street's mission.  Emily told us about the amazingly adverse conditionsthe children at the shelter had been thrust into.  With parents unable or unwilling to care for them, these kids turned to drugs, prostitution, and other desperate actions in order to find a home.  What would I havdone in that situation?  Would I have had a choice?

It is often undersetimated the amount of teens who are affected by homelessness.  According to Emily, around 200-300 teens are turned away per quarter because of lack of room.  Thirty beds is not enough.  These terrible realities have inspired me to continue to do my part to solve the problem of homelessness.  Being in contact with the homeless and giving them aid, I have found that my role is much bigger than just a bystander.  With help, w can significantly impact the homeless. 

Great project! I was moved by your comment wondering what you would do to survive if you were in the same situation. Thanks for raising awareness and for your efforts to assist those in need.


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